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September 2018

Why We’ve Moved To YouTube

Where have the Crypto Gurus gone? Why are they no longer writing articles?

In this article, I’ll explain why we are no longer regularly updating this website and where you can find our (better) content now.

The short answer is YouTube. The link can be found below.

Our YouTube

The better answer is this:

Building this website has been an incredible experience. When we surpassed 20,000 unique visitors in a single month, we couldn’t quite believe it.

Amazingly, this was also only our second full month online.

We begun drawing up plans of exceeding 50,000 visitors the following month, 100,000 for the month after etc.  
However, what we didn’t anticipate was the rapid development of the Cryptocurrency YouTube space.

The influx of investors into the market created an excess demand for good quality information. Most of these new investors went to YouTube for this.. unfortunately.

While there are several excellent ‘Crypto YouTubers’ creating content (Coin Crunch, Blockchain Brad, Crypto Candor and more), there were many more who were actively leading investors astray to s**t projects.

Why do they do this?

Because they’re paid to do so by these projects.

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with sponsored content. In fact, this is how we know make our salaries.

The issues arise because most Crypto YouTubers create sponsored content which isn’t disclosed as sponsored and is often heavily biased.

The result?

Regular investors who needed the most help when investing into this confusing market were being fed s**t information, causing them to lose out financially.

This caused us to make the switch to YouTube.

I’ll be honest and I’m not going to pretend that the switch of our focus was only for altruistic reasons.

Simply put, we made the switch because the audience is larger on YouTube and it’s easier to connect with all of you on a more personal level.

A larger audience is great for two reasons:

  1. More people can be helped by providing honest, no-bullshit content
  2. There are a greater number of opportunities to build a career in the blockchain space

With these advantages in mind, the decision to focus heavily on creating video-based content was an easy one.

Since then, we’ve grown our following to:

  • 30,000+ YouTube Subscribers – Subscribe here
  • 4,000 Telegram Members – Join here
  • 8,000+ Twitter Followers  – Join here

If you’ve enjoyed our content on this website, please come join us and subscribe to our YouTube Channel –

From Tom here at Crypto Gurus, thank you for you time and I look forward to seeing you in our very social communities.